Weak Jawline

Why Do I Have a Weak Jawline?

A weak jawline simply means that the appearance of your jawline is less defined. It’s not the end of the world and there is nothing wrong with you. To explain further, if the jawline shape is less defined, it tends to look more round or plump at the most forward point of your chin. There’s nothing wrong with this, as it doesn’t interfere with your daily continued use of your jaw, or stop you from making a trip to the grocery store.

But nowadays, we have accessibility to more products than ever before. So you can certainly opt for easier and pain free ways, if you’re looking at redefining your jawline.

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Another visible way to notice a jawline that’s getting weak is a receding chin, which means that your chin withdraws itself backwards from the rest of the face. This creates an imbalance with the other facial features, as your chin is ultimately withdrawing itself and getting closer to the neck area.

This could be because of excess fat that gathers on the jaw bone and then gradually covers your jawline area. But sometimes, it’s just genetic inheritance. Having your jaw bone naturally placed closer to your neck could just be something you inherited from your parents. Like your hair texture, eye color and even temper!

If you’re thinking of giving your jawline a more defined look, you can do the right exercises to work on re-defining it. Defining it would also help your skin remain lifted for longer, and you can steer away from developing loose skin under your chin or jawline.

Other Causes of a Weak Jawline

Loose skin

loose skin

We always feel that only once we age, our facial features start to lose their sharpness. And the older we get, the worse this becomes. This is surely true, but sometimes, it’s also the other way around. You can also shave off a few years, by taking care of a double chin or loose skin. Loose skin sometimes makes your face seem like you are older than you really are.

Taking those tiny steps and investing in products that nurture our skin when we’re young helps slow down the process of skin aging. The skin that hangs below your jawline hides the actual appearance of your jaw. The entire jaw bone structure just ends up being buried under all the loose skin or facial fat. This reduces the definition of your jawline and gives the exterior of a weak jawline. But it’s an easy fix.

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It has been said that if we exercise, we change the way our bodies age. Since we work on all our muscles during an exercise, it’s best not to leave our facial muscles behind. You could easily take 10-20 minutes from a regular day and chew down on a Jawzrsize, which is like weight lifting for your face. If you’re more of a yoga person, there are facial yoga exercises that tighten and reduce the saggy look on the neck.

Weak Chewing

Our lower jawbone is a moveable bone on our skull. The fact that it’s moveable helps us bite and chew into our food. The lower jaw also holds all our lower teeth in place. But things get complicated when your lower teeth projects themselves beyond the upper teeth. This is known as an underbite. This could possibly have an impact on the position of your jaw. People expereincing an overbite (when your upper teeth overlap the lower teeth) also tend to develop a weak jawline.

If you’ve been finding it tough to chew or grind your teeth, you can consult with a dentist and have your teeth aligned. This would also help your jawline get into an even position with the rest of your face.

Correction of this alignment also helps you chew your food thoroughly, so that the muscles in your jaw and cheekbone are put to work. Chewing keeps your jaw in motion. It is bound to get stronger, as long we have made efforts to activate those jaw muscles.

Less Muscle Activity

Less Muscle Activity

Our facial muscles get their shape, form and function from the masseter. The masseter muscle starts from the cheekbone to the lower jaw, and brings the teeth back together to grind on food. The inactivity of this jawbone muscles can lead to a weak jaw and facial muscles. This could be one of the reasons for a poorly defined jawline.

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle in the confines of a desk, we’re always looking for shortcuts. So we often go for a juiced down version of an apple. But if we make a simple change of munching and chewing down the apple, it helps keep our facial muscles active. For starters, you could try a few simple facial exercises to awaken the muscles that have been relaxing, so that you can get a firm structure for your face.

If you’re on the lookout for a clearly defined jawline like some of the top celebrities, it’s necessary to improve its strength with a few facial muscle exercises. It’s the same as taking up arm exercises to improve the look of our biceps.


Mewing is one such trending practice that claims to restructure your face by working on the muscles in your jaw and cheekbones. There are numerous videos available on YouTube, where people have changed the shape of their face by trying ‘mewing’. It’s a technique where you flatten your tongue on the roof of your mouth. It seems to bring noticeable change in the shape of your jawline and is a simple non-surgical option.

Like mewing, there are a number of options to strengthen your jawline, such as Mastic Chewing Gum, Jaw Exercisers and Facial exercises.


Before you take up these routines in reality, it’s fun to take a side profile picture, so you can compare it with the results. That way you’d also notice if it’s working on you. During any routine, even if it is for your skin, hair or body related, always start with essentials or beginner level routines, so this helps ease it into your routine.

If you opt for Jawzrsize as a workout equipment, there are four different ones that range from beginner to elite. Just remember that transforming your jawline is certainly an achievable feat. All you have to ensure is you’re mindful of the exercises and activities you’re carrying out and seeking consultation from experts wherever necessary.

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