Jawline Obsession

What Is The Jawline Obsession And More About This Trend

A strong and well defined Jawline has been regarded as attractive for centuries. A chiseled jawline is considered a sign of strength, fitness, virility and poise. A strong jawline is one of those features that is not resigned just to men or women, it has a unisex and is often reviewed as one of the key features that make a person attractive.

While a jawline has always been considered an attractive feature, the obsession to attain a noticeably well defined jawline has never been more prevalent than now. The reason is quite simple though; the world is moving towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Just like losing body fat is gaining importance in this age of healthy living, losing face fat is also considered to be just as important. Aspiring or trying to get a jawline by itself is impossible without following a healthy diet and working out regularly. Additionally you could also consider using self help tools like Jawzrsize to your workout to strengthen and sharpen your jaws. 

A person with a sharp Jawline instantly catches your attention

The obsession with getting a strong jawline is deeply interlinked with the attractiveness of a person. The first impression of a person is generally based on their facial features. It is considered to be an indicator of the person’s personality, their health and the rest of their body. For example, a strong chiseled jawline is indicative of a person’s low body fat percentage thus determining a person to be in great physical shape. With regards to men, a chiseled jawline is also considered a sign of high testosterone levels and a well built immunity system which makes a person’s facial features even more attractive.

A strong jawline being synonymous with attractiveness has been part of our culture for centuries. Greek gods who were considered to be the epitome of the ideal features had chiseled jawlines. Our superheroes whom we have read about in comic books and seen in movies are all fit, healthy and have always had strong well defined jawlines. 

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A lot of celebrities too have prominent jawlines; Tom Cruise, Matt Bomer, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Bradley Cooper and David Beckham are all known to have a strong jawline. It isn’t like their jawlines are all similar in nature yet they are considered extremely good looking and a sharp jawline is one of the primary reasons why. Similarly, actresses like Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde and Jennifer Lopez are known for their chiseled jawline, again not exactly similar but distinct and prominent enough to add to their beauty.

Health tips to get a strong and chiseled Jawline

If getting a strong jawline is on your agenda, here’s a few things you should consider that are not only good for your facial health but are also good for your body

Exercise:  Working out regularly is one of the best things that you can do for your physical and mental health. Exercising is a great way to unwind, it helps keep your body and by extension your face in good shape.

Eat healthy:  A healthy and balanced diet along with a good workout works wonders for your overall health and makes you a fitter person. Avoid food that is high in sodium and keep your salt intake at a minimum as it can lead to chubby cheeks.

Stay Hydrated: Hydration is key! Drink a lot of water and liquids. A well hydrated body is like a well oiled machine. Water is not only very good for the skin, it also has a purifying effect and dilutes the sodium content in your bloodstream.

Get sufficient rest: Sleeping well is extremely important. A good night’s rest, a minimum of 6-8 hours for adults, works wonders for your body and your face is no exception. Say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles!

On the go workouts: Try simple tips to work out your jaws when working at your desk, cooking in the kitchen or driving. Rotating your jaw and chewing gum are considered to be exercises that help your jaw, while it would take a lot of chewing gum to get that dream jawline, it is definitely worth a shot.

Grooming:  For men, a well groomed stubble can help shape your face to give it an elongated look. So trim your beard in the best way to give your face that sharp appearance.

Get extra support:  Products like Jawzrsize also come handy for that extra bit of help in getting your desired chiseled jawline. It is currently the most popular jaw workout product in the market and requires just 20 minutes a day of your time. The Jawzrsize exercise ball works out more than 50 muscles in your face and neck and helps in the circulation of blood flow and oxygen to your face. These products also generally help with combating sagging skin, double chins and jowls.

Use your best feature: And last but not the least, SMILE! Don’t forget to smile, smiling not only illuminates a person’s appearance it also works out your facial muscles. Smiling is one of the best things you could do to your face and the people around you. 

Before you follow any trend, remember this

Ultimately, it looks like the jawline obsession is here to stay and it isn’t a bad thing at all if it means you take good care of your health. A strong jawline is a by-product of a healthy body., Any unhealthy obsession is not good for your mind or your body, and an obsession for a strong jawline is no different. Stressing about getting a strong chiseled jawline, while neglecting your mental and physical health will most likely yield poor results and defeat the purpose of what you set out to achieve.

The first step to good health and a good jawline is to be comfortable in your skin to begin with. This will help you in being peaceful and persistent in your efforts to adapt to a healthier way of life and in the process acquire not only a strong physique but also an attractive jawline.

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