What is “Jawzrsize” or “Jaw Workout Ball”?

Introduction To “Jawzrsize”

Jawzrsize is a tool created for getting a chiseled jawline while strengthening and toning your facial characteristics. Made of silicone and polyurethane, use the Jawzrsize for repetitive muscle practice in your mouth.  

What is a Jaw Workout Ball?

“Jawzrsize” or “Jaw Workout Ball” both are the same. Still, if you wanna say it more comfortably, to provide more meaning to the instrument or product, you can say it is a “Jaw workout ball.” The primary purpose of Jaw’s workout ball is to give some work to your jaw muscles to provide a more chiseled look and better facial expressions.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Chisel the Jaw and achieve a stronger appearance 
  • Reduce the double chin on your face. 
  • It helps you to never appear awkward in photos.
  • Activate 57 plus face muscles on your face.
  • Enhance blood flow and oxygenation for a youthful and vibrant look.
  • Slim and tone the face to a defined profile at various angles.
  • Increase your metabolism to help you lose weight.
  • Relieve mouth and face pressure and tension.
  • Fulfilling the urge to eating something.

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How To Use It Correctly?

You can follow these simple steps and use the Jaw Workout Ball or the Jawzrsize.

Step 1:> Feel The Size Of Your Mouth

Start with placing the jaw exercise ball, put the Jaw Workout ball in your mouth, and feel the size of the mouth.

Step 2:> Boil In Water

In boiling water put Jawzrsize in 20-24 seconds with bite strips.

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Step 3:> Remove Excess Water And Cool It

Remove Jawzrsize, shake off water excess, but don’t have to wait much longer to cool it.

Step 4 :> Position The Jawzrsize

Put your fingers in the slot, position and modify the Jawzrsize to bite the tooth strips.

Step 5:> Hold For 15 Seconds

Bite down and hold your mouthpiece to the contours of your mouth for 15 seconds.

Step 6:> Refresh With Cold Water

Take Jawzrsize off the mouth and refresh your indentations with cold water for a couple of seconds to set them permanently.

What Needs To Be Taken Care Of?

It comes with a design suitable for placing and chewing in the mouth, but you should use the product with precaution. Misusing it might lead to problems like Choking, Infections, Headache caused due to Sinus, Sore Jaws/Sensitive Teeth, Neck, and Upper Shoulder Pain. It is strictly advised if you have some issues, you should take a visit to your doctor first and consult him about using this product. For some people who are dealing with the given issue site may be problematic and can cause health issues. So for your safety concern, it is highly recommended to see your doctor before starting to use this product.

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