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What Is A Chiseled Jawline And How To Achieve It?

A chiseled jawline has a very prominent bone structure and is considered to be one of the most remarkable facial features. It is so well shaped that it makes a person’s face look as if it’s been sculpted to perfection. A chiseled jawline not only accentuates the face as a whole, it also highlights the other features of a person’s face, like their eyes, nose or smile for example. A strong jawline and by extension the rest of the face are said to play a big part in forming opinions about your overall personality.

A strong chiseled Jawline is also called the Greek God jawline. It is named after the unquestionably good looking Gods and Goddesses from the Greek mythology and their sharp facial structure. Think Poseidon, Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite! 

While a well defined jawline is known to be extremely attractive and appealing to both genders, it is also considered to be reflective of a person’s value system. This means a symmetrical jawline is symbolic for a person with greater strength, endurance to pain and stamina.

If you give some thought to people who are in essence considered attractive or catch your attention when you lay eyes on them, you will realize that most of these good looking celebrities both male and female have one thing in common; a strong, chiseled and well defined jawline! These celebrities for most parts are blessed with good looks, with their genetics also playing a role in their sharp features. A well shaped jawline is also indicative of their fitness and the impeccable health they are in. Improving your health and leading a fitter life is the first step towards getting that chiseled jawline.

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Definition of a chiseled jawline

There are more than one description of a strong jawline in both men and women. To put it simply, a strong jawline is angular around the cheekbone and gives a symmetrical look that is considered a well defined jawline. A well defined jawline always will have a strong outline, that starts just below the ear, giving the side of your face a clear shape, while transitioning into a chin that is very prominent. It is not really different for men or women. A chiseled jawline in women still maintains its structured outline and sharp cheekbones but the jawline in women may be narrower as compared to a
wider square shaped jaw that is more commonly associated with men. 

How do I get a chiseled jawline

A strong chiseled jawline can for some be attributed to their gene pool. Some people have a genetically chiseled jawline while some have a weak jawline, a weak jawline is not indicative of a person’s good looks. More importantly, just because you may not be blessed with a commanding well defined jawline does not mean you can’t maximize the potential of the shape of your face and make your jawline as good as it can look.

Here are a few ways you can get a chiseled jawline

Exercise those jaws:
There’s a number of Jawline exercises that help shape your jawline. These include practising chin lifts; clenching your jaw and releasing, chewing gum to doing the fish face exercise, all of these help. Massaging your temples helps increase blood flow and circulation to the face. Another alternative is to get an exerciser or a jaw workout ball like Jawzrsize to strengthen and further shape your jaw.

While the intent behind these exercises is to improve the strength of your jaw and facial muscles, they also help in increasing blood circulation which allows your face to receive more oxygen and other nutrition. These exercises also help relax your face muscles, which further helps you look and feel better. They help in easing the stress around your face and your head thus reducing the likelihood of getting a headache.

Cosmetics (make-up) and skin care products: Get your hands to do all the work, learn some contouring skills and voila! You can shape your face as desired with the correct make-up tools, tricks and techniques. Contouring your cheek and jaw and highlighting your jawline can also help highlight the shape of your face and give it a more defined look. A rather temporary solution but just perfect for a special date or an important interview where you need to dress to impress.

However, regularly using a good skin toner or collagen enhancing products are a great way to tighten the skin and give your face that structured, chiseled look. 

Cosmetic surgery to get a chiseled jawline:
In most cases of cosmetic surgery, digestive molecules are injected into the jawline to burn excess face fat to give your face that chiseled jawline. Cosmetic surgery is an extremely fast and effective way of getting a chiseled jawline, however, it is also very expensive and may not be financially viable. So for those who want a chiseled jawline and they want it quickly, have the money to spend and are looking for a more permanent solution, getting cosmetic surgery is a sure shot way to an enviable jawline.

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Grooming:  This one’s for the guys. Growing a beard and shaping it right, especially maintaining a lower neckline for your beard can really help give your face an elongated look. It’s not very different with haircuts either. A good haircut can do wonders to how you look. The key here is to maintain the sides and have volume on the top so that the sides aren’t too hairy and the shape of your face is accentuated.

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Improve your overall health: Just working your jaws is not going to lead to much if you don’t work on improving your overall health at the same time. This means working out regularly. A healthy diet that is low in sugar and sodium along with regular exercise works wonders. Drinking water is another great way to control those hunger pangs and improve your metabolism. Water also helps flush out toxins from your body helping your skin look clear and fresh. Water does not have a direct effect on your jawline, but the overall effect on your health definitely aids in getting that chiseled jawline you always wanted.

Getting a good night’s sleep really helps in the body being able to rest enough to reflect all the positive changes which include better defining your jawline. Also, ideally reduce or quit smoking entirely, smoking has an adverse effect on your body, but it’s pretty bad for your jawline as it affects your skin making it look saggy and spoiling your chances of getting that sharp and strong jawline.

In essence, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising your jaw muscles and good grooming habits can go a long way in achieving that chiseled jawline. While these methods may not bear results as fast as opting for cosmetic surgery, the overall impact is not only going to help you get fitter but also make you a lot more appealing and at the end of the day get you that chiseled jawline you desire.

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