Surgical Procedures for Jawline

Surgical Procedures For That Sharp Chiseled Jawline

Not having a well defined jawline is a cosmetic problem that while concerning, doesn’t make you any different than other people. A sharp jawline is considered to be an attractive feature, and there’s an increasing number of people paying closer attention to their jawlines. If you’re looking into achieving that chiseled jawline, there are surgical procedures that you could consider. Read on to understand the different types of options you can explore, and pick from surgical procedures for that sharp, chiseled jawline of your dreams.

The type of surgical procedure you will opt for relates to the cause behind your undefined jawline. You could be born with a receding chin, or lose the definition on your face as you start to age. Your jawline could be hidden under jowls, or an increase in body fat might be a factor. It is first important to understand why your jawline isn’t visible and decide your plan of action accordingly. However, we highly recommend consulting a professional for this. A wrong or misinformed decision can lead to a botched job, and a painful scar to carry.

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Types of surgeries and what to expect

Modern technology is a marvel, as it gives us a range of options to pick from. From surgeries that have little to no scarring, to temporary or permanent solutions, these surgical procedures cover them all.

Facelift Or Neck Lift

Ageing is one of the big factors in jawlines becoming less defined. Your skin loses tautness and begins to sag. This is dealt with by getting a facelift or neck lift. Getting a facelift or neck lift is not heavily invasive. It works through a process of making measured incisions around the face and jaw area. It deals with loose skin and excess fat, leaving you with significant improvements and a better defined jawline and neck. This surgery works best on patients with significant aging and offers results that last through multiple years.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation works best for those with a naturally weak jawline, thanks to their genetics. It leaves no visible scarring, as the implants are placed through a small incision that is created inside of your mouth. The implants will be moulded to fit your jaw, and create that sharp jawline.

Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction is a good surgical procedure for those people whose jaw lines are hidden under fat. This also works well to remove a double chin. The fat will be physically removed, giving you immediate visible results. However, it is important to note that liposuction is a fat removal procedure, and will not create jawline definition. It simply uncovers the jaw structure you naturally have by getting rid of the fat that covers it. It can be used alongside other treatments and surgical procedures to improve the results.

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Jawline Surgery

Used for cosmetic as well as medical reasons, jawline surgery changes the shape and structure of your jaws, and sometimes your chin. Jawline surgery can be used to shave the jawline, making your face appear slimmer and your jawline better shaped. It can also enhance a jawline that isn’t well-defined. Jawline surgery is a good option for the more severe cases of misaligned jaws or naturally crooked facial structure.

If the surgery is directly impacting or changing jaw alignment, you may also need to wear braces for your teeth. This is also the case for a jaw reduction, where a small part of your jaw will be shaved off. Incisions are made inside the mouth between the gum and cheek, after which the surgeon will use a laser or micro saw for the reduction process. The procedure typically lasts from 2 to 4 hours. The result is permanent, and largely successful.

Things To Keep In Mind

You will have to take some time off work to ensure you make a full and total recovery. However, due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedures, this usually doesn’t last beyond one to two days. It is of utmost importance that you follow pre and post procedure instructions. The last thing you want is the risk of a botched job. You may have to check with your insurance company, as surgeries done for cosmetic purposes are not always covered by insurance.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

There are also alternatives to surgical procedures that can still get you the jawline you desire.

Kybella is one such treatment. It is non-invasive, which means no scars. Each treatment lasts around 20 minutes, during which a series of quick injections are administered. It makes use of synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid in our bodies that helps in the breakdown of fat tissue. It works in such a way that the cells under your chin will no longer be able to store fat, resulting in noticeable fat reduction around your chin and a more visible jawline.

In addition to this, you can also opt for radiofrequency energy, dermal fillers or botox. Don’t panic, there’s also cheaper ways to work on that jawline! You could purchase an exercise ball for your jaws, which is significantly cheaper than these procedures. Exercising your jaws can also work wonders on giving you that amazing jawline.


Remember that being of sound body and mind are paramount to your well being above all else. While opting for surgical procedures to improve your face and feel better about yourself is perfectly fine, berating yourself for choosing otherwise is not. Now that you have an awareness about surgical procedures for that sharp jawline, you can make the decision that best benefits you.

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