Losing Face Fat

Losing Face Fat and Getting a Sharper Jawline

Let’s face it, we often admire people who have a defined jawline and a lean face. For some, a chiseled jawline can be a major confidence boost. Likewise, it can also have an opposite effect at times. There’s no shame in desiring a lean face with a well-defined jawline. The silver lining is that losing facial fat and getting a sharper jawline is achievable. However, it does require certain degrees of discipline and hard-work to achieve this feat.

So here are the things that can help you in losing face fat and getting a sharper jawline:

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Full Body Exercise

You have to understand that body fat and facial fat often goes hand in hand. So if you want to lose your facial fat, you would also have to lose some weight in general. Typically, getting rid of your body fat does contribute to losing facial fat, at least to an extent. You should start including cardio exercises as a part of your daily routine.

In a gym, you could use cardio machines like the treadmill or the elliptical trainer, among others. Cycling, running and swimming are some of the other common cardio exercises. Performing these exercises on a regular basis helps your body burn the excessive fat. Look at attempting a minimum of 30 minutes cardio everyday.

Facial Exercises

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Some of the most common practices by those working on getting a sharp jawline are facial exercises. It is believed that they help tone your facial muscles which consequently contributes to a more structured face and jawline. There are numerous different techniques, some of the common ones include the Fish Face, Duck Face and Jaw Lift Ups.

Practicing these exercises daily in intervals help tighten and stretch your facial muscles, which in turn leads to a more structured jawline and lesser face fat. Although, you should be mindful and cautious in your approach. Overdoing it would prove to be counterproductive to your efforts. So perform the techniques in breaks of 4 hours, for no more than just a few minutes.

Balancing Your Diet

Don’t underestimate the importance of eating right. Just including more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet also makes a difference. At the same time, reduce your intake of fatty foods like cheese, yogurt, meat and eggs. Your diet should be rich with fiber and low on calories. Managing your diet accordingly will certainly help control and reduce weight.

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Not eating right can lead to gaining weight, which is more often than not reflected in your face too. Moreover, for some people, getting rid of body fat might be easier than getting rid of facial fat. So following a healthy diet certainly assists in this regard or even avoids having extra facial fat to begin with.

Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink about 3-4 litres on a daily basis. More importantly, you should have a glass of water before your meals. The way this helps is that your body consumes lesser calories, consequently promoting weight loss. Drinking lots of water also helps blood circulation, which is essential for the body to be able to get rid of harmful toxins. Another benefit is that our body tends to store water when not properly hydrated, which can make you seem bloated.

Reduce Sodium Consumption

Too much salt in your food or sodium rich food can be a major dent in your attempt to reduce facial fat. That’s because consuming excessive amounts of sodium is a catalyst for water retention in your body. Our body can sometimes store water in our cheeks too. Essentially, sodium contributes to your face getting bloated. So it’s important to manage sodium consumption. Try to avoid or reduce eating salty snacks, processed foods and other sodium rich food.

Manage Your Alcohol Intake

Frequent consumption of alcohol is known to have a reputation of bloating our faces. The contents of alcohol often includes empty calories which leads to weight gain. Moreover, alcohol does also cause dehydration, which results in your body storing water, sometimes in the face too. Therefore this concludes into your face getting puffed up and bloated. So try to limit the quantity of alcohol you consume and its frequency, as much as possible.

Sleep and Lifestyle

Extra fat in your body is often credited to lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle in general. When deprived of sufficient sleep, our body tends to trigger the stress hormone which stimulates irregular eating habits and also results in our metabolism getting affected. Lack of sleep is also generally visible, as it is displayed in the form of a puffier face. In fact, a good 8 hours of sleep with a healthy lifestyle promotes weight management and reduces face fat.

So what’s the conclusion?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle in general, with a good routine. Workout regularly and keep a check on what you consume. This does require discipline but simply by following these, you can work towards getting a sharp jawline and losing facial fat.

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