Jawzrsize vs Chisell

Jawzrsize Vs Chisell

Regular workouts surely keep body muscles in shape but facial exercises are lesser known, hence given less attention and not practiced by many. But let’s answer something you’re probably asking yourself. Do you have to do facial exercises and what does it do for you? 

Few of the benefits of practicing facial exercises is that it helps your jawline look more defined, your face skin remains lifted for longer (conveniently shaving off a few years) as it reduces the appearance of loose skin under your chin. It’s also proven to increase the blood circulation that makes your face appear more vibrant. Facial exercises mainly gained popularity today because it’s a workable option for those who don’t prefer a surgical treatment.

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If you’re looking at exploring this routine, you’ll realise that the internet is ready to bombard you with tons of options. There’s easy to do facial exercises, facial yoga routines and products like Jawzrsize or Chisell that are built especially to strengthen the form of your face muscles and jawline. But do they really work? And should you be looking it up too? We’ve found out all about it.

If we had to put it another way, we simply mean to say if you wish to burn calories, it’s possible on a treadmill or even simply by running daily at a favorite park. It’s all about what works for you. In this blog, we’ll briefly explain 2 major products in the market which are Jawzrsize and Chisell. Let’s find out if these tools make it easy to add facial exercises to your regular workouts. 


Jawzrsize is a workout tool created mainly for getting a chiseled jawline. At the same time, it works towards strengthening your facial muscles, especially the masseter muscle. In case you’re wondering what the masseter muscle is, it’s the one that starts from the cheekbone to the lower jaw. 

The inactivity of this jawbone muscle can lead to a weak jaw and facial muscles.But when you use the Jawzrsize, 50+ muscles in your face and neck are put to work and kept in motion. It is bound to get stronger, only because the more you use the Jawzrsize, the more you activate your jaw muscles. 

The regular exercising of your face muscles helps tighten any loose skin that conceals the actual appearance of your jawline. For anyone who is looking at reducing a double chin look, this product does work on firming loose skin when used daily for exercise.

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To receive extraordinary results, it’s necessary to use at least 20 minutes a day. The product itself is made from food grade silicone and is promoted as a weapon that exercises your face. A great aspect of the Jawzrsize is that you can customize the fit with the bite strips that come along with the product. The Jawzrsize is also sold for different levels so that you’re not pressuring your jaw but slowly progressing towards its development. 

Jawzrsize is meant to be placed in your mouth and chewed on. It’s necessary to get comfortable with the idea of it. You can definitely watch some videos to ensure you’re doing it right before you start. Do note that if in the past you’ve had a neck, jaw, head, or teeth injury, you have to consult your doctor before using Jawzrsize. The idea is to reconfirm if your conditions allow you to exert your face muscles.

Currently, there are 4 Jawzrsize levels. Those are Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Elite. The beginner level has the least resistance to your bite while it’s the most at the Elite level. It will get easier to bite into the Jawzrsize when you start making progress.

Here’s a breakdown on cost so you know if this purchase drills a hole in your pocket. Do note that it’s recommended to start at Level 01 and work your way up till Level 4. 

  • Level 01 : Beginner Blue Pop N Go – $29.95
  • Level 02: Intermediate Green Pop N Go – $34.95
  • Level 03: Advanced Blue Custom Fit – $39.95
  • Level 04: Elite Green Custom Fit – $44.95

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While Jawzrsize claims to be the perfect ammunition for your facial exercise, Chisell wishes to change the entire thought process that your face is set by genetics. The product inspires you to not leave behind your facial workout because all it takes is 10 minutes a day with Chisell. The biggest difference between the Jawzrsize and Chisell is how it’s used and the physical appearance of both products. Chisell is a product that’s like a chewable, way tinier in size but does the same job of working those jaw muscles that have been idle. 

When you use the Chisell, it’s not obvious that you’re exercising, mainly because you must place the 2 chewable tabs you receive on each side of your molar teeth. While the Jawzrsize is a workout ball that can visibly be seen, the Chisell chewable tabs work quietly at the back of your mouth. You must place it over your last 2 – 3 teeth in the back of your mouth to be precise. Chisell is delivered to you with a page containing the guidelines, a feature to monitor development and 4 exercise routines. 

We surely feel that Chisell took this extra step to ensure you keep track of your progress so you see the results for yourself in a month.

Users of the Chisell should notice significant change in 30 days. One pair of Chisell lasts for 4-6 months and is a universal size made to fit all teeth. You’ll be happy to know that if it breaks they do willingly resupply the product to you FREE of charge!

Here’s a short breakdown of how much it would cost you to purchase Chisell. Similar to Jawzrsize you must pick your product based on if you’re a beginner or not. The names given by Chisell give it all away.

  • Light bite – $39.99
  • Regular bite – $39.99
  • Tough bite – $39.99

Chisell has also come up with Chisell 2.0 which is a revamped version after taking into consideration all the feedback they received on their product from consumers. We personally find it great that the review section was taken seriously by Chisell. 

Both the Chisell and Jawzrsize claim that you see results in 30 days if you’ve practiced and made use of these tools in the right manner. This just proves that an average of 10-20 minutes of dedication with such tools can help define your facial features. We see a winning situation with both products because it’s not time consuming and easy to add to your regular routine.

All in all, impulse purchases are fun but educating yourself about products that help tone, structure your facial muscles is all it takes to make a good purchase. We hope our blog did that for you. If you don’t like using products you can read up our blogs on simple exercises to get that jawline you desire.

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