Exercise Your Jaws

How Regularly Should You Exercise Your Jaws

Some of us are blessed with great jawlines, while some of us have to work hard to attain them. Working hard to get a chiseled jawline is essentially practicing a combination of jaw exercises, combined with regular workouts and a healthy diet.

Here’s a list of a few jaw exercises and how regularly you should do these exercises to attain a strong defined jawline.

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Chewing gum everyday

Chewing gum is one of the easiest and the most effective ways of working out your jaws. The most ideal gum for your jaws, without adversely affecting them is the Mastic chewing gum. Mastic gum also remains strong and does not wear out easily, giving your jaws a more sustained workout.

The Mastic chewing gum is a plant resin of the Mastic tree. It’s largely found in the Mediterrenan region and the Middle East. Sun dried mastic is soft to chew, making it easy to chew for a longer duration. While the chewing gum starts off with a bitter taste, it quickly transitions into a nicer pine like flavor.

One of the best parts about exercising your jaws by chewing gum is how easily you can do this exercise anywhere. Ideally, you should start with 2-3 hours of chewing gum everyday. The best way to go about this is to break up the exercise in regular intervals of an hour each. Ideally, chew Mastic gum for an hour each, two or three times a day. One way of doing this is to chew gum in the morning for an hour, an hour after lunch, and then an hour in the evening after supper. There’s no specific routine that needs to be followed here. Pick a routine that works for you and be disciplined in your approach when following it everyday.

We strongly advise not to overwork your gums by chewing gum excessively. Chewing gum for anything more than 3 hours a day can overwork your gums and lead to sagging jowls. Chew Mastic gum to exercise your jaw muscles regularly. If your jaw muscles hurt, take a pause for the cause. Resume when they have recovered. A regular chewing gum workout will help you in strengthening your facial muscles.

Jaw Exercisers like Jawzrsize

There are more than a few jaw exercise equipment that help strengthen your jaw muscles, specifically the Masseter muscle. Jaw exercisers help strengthen and shape this Masseter, gives your face a visibly prominent bone structure and a strong chiseled Jawline.

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Jawzrsize is currently the most popular jaw workout equipment in the market. It is a silicon ball that you bite on the edges and chew on. This helps in strengthening and toning your face muscles and also improves blood circulation to the face. Jawzrsize recommends a 20 minute work out everyday for best results. The duration may vary based on the guidelines of the product you use and the level you are at. For example, Jawzrsize offers 4 different types of exercise balls, one for each level, ranging from Beginner to Elite.

It is extremely important to not strain your jaw muscles by overdoing this exercise. Excessive jaw workouts, especially with a jaw exercising equipment could lead to you straining and inadvertently damaging your jaw muscles. This will have a detrimental effect on your health and further slow down your progress in getting that perfect jawline you always wanted.

Facial Exercises to work your jaws

There are a lot of simple facial exercises that help shape your face, strengthen jaw muscles and help in slowing down the effects of aging. Facial exercises are said to improve blood circulation and help add definition to your jawline, if practiced everyday. So how long should you do these exercises for?

There are a lot of facial exercises that are easy to do and don’t end up taking a lot of your time. These exercises include doing the fish face exercise, the kissing face, the jaw clench, or even the bottom lip scoop. These exercises can help reduce face fat and prevent sagging jowls and double chin.

Each of these exercises can last anywhere between a minute to five minutes. It is important that you do these exercises regularly. Commitment to a workout routine and practicing it in moderation is the key to getting a slim face and a structured jawline. You need just about 10 to 20 minutes everyday for facial exercises. It will not only help in sculpting your face, but will also render the need for an aging cream obsolete. Smiling is an unbelievably underrated facial exercise, so don’t forget to smile regularly.

A combination of Mastic Chewing Gum, Jaw Exercisers and Facial exercises for an hour cumulatively will result in a stronger jawline. In addition to the workout for your jaws, it is also imperative to maintain a healthy lifestyle in whole. Just working your jaws while neglecting the rest of your body is pointless. Being in good health is extremely vital, as a strong jawline is the byproduct of a healthy body. So ensure you take care of your mental and physical well being.

These are some of the things you should practice everyday in order to get a chiseled jawline:

  • Ensure you drink a lot of water throughout the day
  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Make sure you workout regularly
  • Spend 45 minutes to an hour on facial exercises
  • Chew Mastic gum everyday for a couple of hours in multiple intervals
  • Rest well and get enough sleep

At the end of the day, simply maintaining a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle will work wonders for your face and your body. If you maintain a healthy balance of exercising, without overdoing anything, you will definitely reap the results in your pursuit for a strong jawline.

There are additional things you can do to help yourself in this pursuit. So you can also use these products to get a strong and more defined jawline that you always dreamt of.

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