Do Jawline Exercises Work

Do Jawline Exercises Work?

A fairly recent trend in the world of facial maintenance, jawline exercises have created quite the buzz. But there’s also an increasing number of people wondering, do jawline exercises work? There haven’t been any conclusive studies on the success of jawline exercises, mainly because of how new they are. Read through our blog that answers the question, ‘do jawline exercises work?’, and bust the myths for yourselves.

Our Verdict

We’re getting straight to it, while also laying out the points for you to see. The medical community seems to be doubtful about the long-term effects of jawline exercise. But, there is no doubt that they do make an impact on a certain level, and a positive one at that.

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Here’s our verdict – jawline exercises can certainly work, but only if you do them right.

Jawline exercises focus on the area of your face around your jawline. Sometimes, we notice our jawlines disappearing when we gain a little weight around the face and neck. And simply put, if weight gain has an effect, the weight loss will too! Losing the fat around the jaws is one step towards a visible jawline. And sculpting the jawline is just one of the many benefits of jawline exercise!

It is important to cover your bases and familiarize yourself about jaw exercises before you get into them. Overworking or doing the wrong exercises can have a negative, unwanted impact. Read on to know what else plays a part in the ‘do jawline exercises work’ discussion.

Areas Of Doubt – Difference In Physical Structures

It seems obvious – if exercising our arms and legs makes them more toned and helps build muscles, why would this be any different? At the same time, there’s the matter of our faces and jaws being different than the rest of our bodies. The human body is complex, and no two parts are alike. Each part has its own structures, best created to fit their purpose. Hence, though it may seem to make sense at first, it is actually unwise to compare our faces to the rest of our bodies.

Our facial muscles are actually very different to the rest of the muscles in our bodies. Differences in these bone and muscular structures lead to differences in the outcome of exercise. Unlike most other muscles that are attached to the bone, the muscles on our faces are attached to the skin. Exercising them involves a different and slightly gentler routine.

Because of their attachment to the skin, doing a jaw or face workout actually increases blood flow to these areas. This definitely makes your skin look more youthful – a fairly visible result after around 4 weeks of doing the exercises.

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The Danger – Too Much Exercise

Facial muscles and jawline muscles are treated in much the same way as they are quite similar. There are a number of facial exercises you can do, like face pilates, to achieve results across your face. However, jawline exercises focus mainly on the lower half of your face. Done correctly, they can help reduce jowls, lessen fat, and give you the appearance of having a sharper jawline.

However, overexercising your jawline or doing the exercises incorrectly can lead to nasty repercussions. For one, your skin can get saggy from being stretched too much, too roughly or in the wrong directions. For another, your jaws are functionally very important and hurting them can lead to difficulties in moving them or chewing. Doing too many exercises that rely on exaggerated expressions and movements can leave you with wrinkles, or your skin looking drawn. It is important to thoroughly research and balance out your exercises for the optimum results.

The Proof Is In The Pudding – Jaw Exercises To Try

There are several professionals offering to teach you the exercises or even consult you on them. In the meantime, you can try out simple exercises, like lightly clenching your jaws when you eat, and switching to tougher foods that necessitate a harder bite. Even better still, you can purchase something like the Jawzrsize ball, designed to be the perfect exercise ball for your jaws to fit any jaw size.


So do jawline exercises work? We’ve given you our take on the topic. But the best way to convince yourself is to try it out. Remember that as with most natural ways of bringing about change, results won’t be immediately visible. Consistency and patience are key. Also remember that if your genetics or bone structure dictate the shape of your jaws, the exercises won’t be able to alter it. The good news is that there are cosmetic surgeries for that, while the jawline exercises will still benefit your face and skin. Go ahead and get on board, now that you know all there is to know about jawline exercises.

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