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Define Your Jawline With These Products

‘The first impression is the best impression’ is a quote we are all familiar with. And to make a good first impression, as important as dressing well is, so is having a good physique. A fit and healthy body gives an impression of someone who takes care of themselves and gives equal importance to their outer as well as inner appearance. 

A striking face creates curiosity and one of the most essential features of a striking face is a well-shaped and defined Jawline. Having a chiseled Jawline is a definite plus in the looks department and if you are someone who is into a healthy lifestyle and looking to highlight key parts of your body, like flexing those biceps, getting flashboard abs, losing the love handles; then, getting a sharp and shaped Jawline should definitely be a part of your routine. 

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If you are just starting out and stepping into the getting healthy and fit zone, starting with your face and toning those facial muscles would be a good warm-up! Exercising your jaws is pretty simple and can be done almost anywhere. Be it at work, while cooking, while driving or during a walk. Practise chin-lifts which simply means clenching your jaw and releasing at regular intervals. You can also try doing the fish face exercise. Chewing gum is another hack that is said to work but it is one of those things that work for some and not for another. 

What are the different products available to get a chiseled jawline

However a little extra help in achieving that dream jawline does not hurt. There are many products on the market currently that claim; goodbye to sagging skin and double chins and hello to an enviously chiseled jawline, minus the injections! We shall learn more about these products and you can decide which would probably be a best fit for you.

Jaw Exercisers

Jawzrsize and Chisell are two types of Jaw exercisers in the market. They work on your jaw muscle also known as Masseter. As you regularly exercise, this muscle grows in size which leads to a defined jawline and a sharp edged face. They are ideal for men looking to add that structure to their face.

Jawzrsize is currently the go-to product to get that defined Jawline. It is made from food grade silicone, is shaped like a ball with serrated edges on the top and bottom. You hold the ball in your mouth and bite down on the edges and then chew on it. It works on your facial muscles; strengthening, toning and shaping them and at the same time increasing blood flow. A routine of 10-20 minutes a day is good as over doing it would not mean getting to your goal faster, you would end up straining and injuring your jaw muscles. There are four types of Jawzrsizes starting from Beginner to Elite. 

Chisell has recently introduced their brand new restructured product, Chisell 2.0 It is a sleeker and advanced version of an exerciser. They look like chewable tabs which you place between your teeth and bite, however the enhanced structure claims to get results faster. It is a higher grade food polymer which lasts longer and also comes with a carry case. Chisell is from the european market but they ship worldwide. They have three types: light bite for beginners, regular bite for experienced and tough bite for advanced users who want to bulk up hard and work that muscle to get a strong and shaped jawline.

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Facial Lift Slimming Belt

Heard of a facelift massage? Well this is it in a very literal way. Facial slimming belts as the name suggests are belts shaped to adjust across the contours of your face to hold them in place while working on tightening your skin, toning your neck, enhancing skin elasticity and to make your face smaller and sharper by adding solid facial lines. Like a newborn baby is swaddled, this would feel the same albeit for your face. The fabric is soft and breathable and safe for your skin and it also has adjustable straps. 30 minutes each day is what you need when using a facial belt. Keeping it on for too long will restrict blood flow and increase discomfort. Slimming belts are ideal for women as they work on softer bone structures.

Chin Patch and Shaping Masks

A chin patch is like a facial mask for the chin with essential oils and natural ingredients that aim to reduce double chin, improve skin elasticity and tighten the skin around your jawline to make it look healthier and younger. It is easy to use, you apply the mask under your chin tightly as you would apply a band-aid on a wound, leave it as mentioned on the pack (as different ingredients have different duration) and then pull it out and let the remaining oils be soaked into your skin. An alternative to improve your skin texture and get that toned jawline. Ideal for women. 

Skin Tightening Creams

Skin tightening or neck creams boost the texture of your skin to provide a visible lift by toning the neck muscles, treating jowls or sagging skin. These are formulated with specific ingredients that smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin more defined and toned. Effective skin tightening creams are expensive but they do work and regular usage also helps improve the elasticity of your skin leaving it soft and hydrated. They may not be a fast process but they certainly help in improving facial skin and structure. Ideal for men and women.

Neck Firming Massagers

Neck firming massagers are battery operated devices based on the science of acupuncture. They work on the points of the neck and chin to stimulate blood circulation and promote metabolism which help in reducing the excess fat in the chin area, leading to a defined jawline. It also works on eliminating fine lines, improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles upon regular usage. As it improves circulation, it also helps in brightening the skin tone giving you a sharper and fresher look. Ideal for men and women.

Gua Sha and Jade Rollers

Gua Sha and Jade rollers are face massagers made of crystals which are sworn by many in their daily beauty routine. Jade rollers are more commonly known, however when it comes to sculpting and scraping your face to get rid of the extra skin tissues and shaping them, Gua sha stones may just be what you are looking for. These are made of jade or quartz and involve a certain technique to get right. If you are unsure of doing it yourself, get the massage done by a professional for the first couple of times before you invest in one of your own Gua sha tools. Just like a jade roller, however more powerful, the Gua sha treatment improves blood circulation, relieves tension of the facial muscles which temporarily make your face look slimmer. It is also said to get rid of headaches and brightens skin. Just like a body massage session helps release and relax tense muscles, a Gua sha treatment releases the build up of stress in the face to give way to a brighter, healthier and glowing skin. Investing in a Jade roller or a Gua sha may feel like a pinch in the pocket but their long term benefits are well worth the splurge. Ideal for men and women.

These are a few products that you can choose from to give you added support and encouragement you may need to achieve your desired jawline and also improve your skin texture and health overall. But do remember, a healthy body and a happy mind goes a long way to help achieve your goals. 

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