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All About Fish Face Exercise

What Is Fish Face Exercise?

Also recognized as the Smiling Fish Face, this is one of the easiest and finest facial cheeks exercises you can do anywhere. This workout, while decreasing flabbiness, enables color and extend the cheekbones.

Not only does the Fish Face Exercise brings out your jawlines, it also firms and tones the chicks of the lips as well as relieve tension and stress in the jaw.

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But let me clear your mind that it only works when you are working out and burning calories regularly and you are on a regular strict calorie deficit diet. 

How To Do It?

“Fish face exercise” is a really simple task to do and you can do it anywhere, Just suck in your ears and mouths, as we do as children to make a fish face, attempt laughing now, keep the posture for 5 seconds, you’ll feel the burning in your eyes and teeth. Relax now and replay it at a span of 15 to 20 times for greatest outcomes.

It Does Not Work Alone

Fish face exercise is not a regular exercise that can bring weight loss for you rather the exercise of muscles generally burns calories, which can imply weight loss. We don’t define where those calories arise from in the body, though. So while facial exercises may enhance your muscles, if slimmer cheeks are what you are after, rhythmic smiling alone won’t get you there.

  • Beside all these facial exercises you need to add some kind of resistance training or some kind of activity which burns the fat from your whole body.
  • Generally, circuit training works really well in burning more calories from your body so you can try to add this routine in your daily life.
  • Fish face exercise alone won’t help you in getting a more chiseled jawline and cheekbone, you have to go out and sweat out the unwanted calories from your body.

Some Fake Pieces of Advice

People may tell you that doing this exercise will the fat from your cheeks and your chin if it is so simple to lose the extra fat from your skin while doing some kind of facial exercise then, what is the use for a perfect calorie deficit diet plan and physical training? Why people are wasting their time, money and effort on these sorts of things? 

Facial exercise is done just to give some work to your jawline muscle so that if a person who is following a strict routine and burning calories regularly can take advantage of these kinds of exercise to make their jawline even sharper. 

Understand It Better With An Example

Ever visited a doctor when you are sick?

The Doctor will give you medicine to cure the disease but he will definitely advise you to make some kind of precautions and avoid some stuff so that medicines can work and heal you properly.

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The same case is here when you talk about the facial exercises, you can exercise to sharpen your jawline but you need to add some physical activity and a balanced calorie deficit diet if you want results otherwise you will see no results.


If you an obese looking for some short tricks like fish face exercise to cut the fat from your chin and jawline, then my friend you are really wasting your time here, it will be of no use to you if you do not take the recommended things with it. Join a fitness center and maintain a diet and after sometime when you lose some extra pounds you can use these facial exercises to shape your jawline and chin.

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